For campers

Hello, my name is Oksana. I live in Truskavets. When I was 16, I went to London to study and it was very difficult because I could not speak English well. I spent 13 years living in London and became a doctor there. I have three daughters who speak both languages: English and Ukrainian. I want to help young Ukrainians to learn English. I decided to start summer camps. My daughters and my friends from abroad—who speak English—will help make learning English fun.
At our camp, we will play many games, watch movies, sing songs, go on picnics, visit interesting places and have funny lessons. To communicate, we will be talking in English, showing with our fingers, and drawing on paper 🙂
Do not worry if your English is not very good: the camp is for you to learn. And you will have a nice time, too! To find out more, please visit these sections:

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If you need help to understand this text, please use google translate 🙂
I hope to see you this summer!
To help me decide which movies to watch, which games to play and songs to learn at our Camp, please fill in this questionnaire.